craft swap

Secret swappage

I thought it would be nice to arrange a secret swap type thing to introduce a little extra cheer into everyone’s lives at the moment and I’ve really enjoyed these things in the past.

So, these are my initial thoughts, if you’re interested in taking part, let me know and please suggest any amendments for how we can make it work better.

  • Everyone completes a short survey at the start with key information like any allergies (wool, nuts, other strange things), head circumference (if people want to make hats), shoe size (socks) etc, also address details (could be work or home depending on where is easiest to receive packages)
  • I’m envisioning multi part swappage. So perhaps one or two handmade items before Christmas, and one after. To extend how many people could get involved I was hoping to ask knitters, crocheters, jewellery makers, needle workers etc. to take part. Maybe even woodworkers too!
  • Do we need to set a price limit on each package?
  • Each swap parcel to contain a hand made item, plus some small lovelinesses (I was thinking books, nail varnish, chocolate type things)
  • Should people get just one partner for the whole swap, or different partners for each swappage?
  • Are people happy sending things abroad so we can potentially widen the pool of participants further?

Please let me know what you think, and I’ll get administrating!

Updated to add: swap sign up form here.