You may have previously found me at sadsweetsongs.co.uk, or before that at merialc.com. Or if we go even further back…I think we end up at a geocities home page, we can probably ignore that one.

This blog takes its name from a song by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, who are a favourite of mine. (Does it say something about the state of my mind that Nick Cave is a favourite and that I consider some of his songs to be too upbeat?).

You can find me at a few other places around the internet as well, come and say hello: Flickr, Facebook, Twitter.

Currently I’m also involved in two other projects…the launch of the new revamped Souperior food blog, and organising a celebration for the Goodies 40th aniversary.


One thought on “About

  1. If you’re really stuffed for bandwidth/hosting costs, drop me a line – I use a US server that’s got unlimited domains/space/dbs, so I can always put your sites on there if you want.

    ’tis no problem.

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