Quietrevolution – 12th June 2012 – Day 13

I’m a big fan of vertical axis wind turbines. They look very elegant and can be really effective (in the right place, with the right wind conditions). I spent a lot of time looking into these and other turbines at a previous job, and I get a strange kind of happy when I see them ‘out in the wild’ now.


2 thoughts on “Quietrevolution – 12th June 2012 – Day 13

  1. I’ve been seeing more of these – Luton / Dunstable appear to have bought a job-lot of them, as they’re popping up everywhere locally – and really like them.

    Mind you, I also like the big windmilly ones, so what would I know? 🙂

  2. Me too, I like most wind turbine designs. As long as they’re in the right place, I get annoyed when people put them up because they think it looks good, but they don’t actually think about wind conditions and they never turn!

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