Family History

Family Archive

A little while ago I started digitising our families photo archive. I don’t have a particularly snazzy scanner and my computer was bought back when I was still at university, so it takes a while to do and I only do a handful at once (usually when Neil is watching something on TV that I have no interest in (today it was the tennis)).

It’s a really interesting process, and I’m thoroughly enjoying it: from restoring the photos where I can, removing scratches and dirt, to finding out who the people in the photos are and where and when they were taken, and then putting them onto a map.

Some of the really interesting things have been of my Grandfather, and following his time in the army and seeing where and when he was based on the postcards that he sent back to my Nan. He was in the army from before WWII started, the earliest I’ve found so far is June 1935, the latest 1941. During this time I’ve got postcards from Malta, Cairo and Palestine.


2 thoughts on “Family History

  1. Now that’s intriguing – we’ve found similar bundles of things in supermum’s mother’s archives after she died. The most fascinating (and boring) was a set of diaries from around 1890 recording the architecture and locality of all the churches in Norfolk in forensically obsessive detail and handwriting so tiny it requires a magnifying glass.

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