I’m telling everyone

I’m going to be spending less time sat in this thing.

I can’t run. The sum total of my running experience is: the 1500m race they forced me to take part on for school sports day (I didn’t come last, I came second from last. Hoorah!), and the 5km race for life I took part in a few years ago which I walked the majority of.

But I need to do something about my fitness, and once I’ve bought the shoes, running is free. A friend and I are also planning on doing some dance lessons, but that’s very structured and relies on us being available on certain days of the week, whereas running you can do pretty much anywhere and anywhen.

Twitter is providing fantastic amounts of advice and support so far, and work colleagues are also coming on board with encouragement, and I haven’t even done anything yet. Tomorrow G at work has promised to accompany me to buy shoes. This is a good thing, as I have a pathological hatred of sports shops and I suspect I’ll need someone to make sure I don’t chicken out of going in.

My aim is to get up to running 5km, once I’ve done that, I might decide to go for additional targets, but that’s a big enough ask for me at the moment.

The reason I’m telling everyone? I’m essentially setting up a form of social contract between me and all of you, which will hopefully give me enough inventive to keep going.


2 thoughts on “I’m telling everyone

  1. I can’t run either. Never have been able to, all the way back to grade school when the coachs would chide me for just walking around the track. My legs just aren’t built for the running motion.

    But I will help you to meet your goals! Count me in to keep a watch on your progress. I might even get out there and walk really fast, if our weather ever clears up.

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