With the majority of my bras being either completely the wrong size, or having recently gone ‘ping’, I made a beeline for a lingerie shop at lunchtime on payday.

I was planning on just grabbing something vaguely suitable and heading back to work, but being unable to find anything close to my size on the shelves decided that maybe it was worth having a fitting so I could then order something from their website.

The last time I had a bra fitting I must have been about 14 or 15, and it was the Marks & Spencer’s in Lakeside. This time there were no tape measures in sight, with the sizes being chosen by eye and fit instead. I was extremely pleased to find my recommended back size coming down from my usual (42/44) to a recommended 36/38 with a significant cup size increase instead.

The fitting has given me a real spring in my step for a number of reasons:

The bra fits better! Much more comfortable, and N commented this morning that it makes them look bigger (in a good way, rather than a droopy way)
Understanding I have a smaller back size than I thought has opened up a more larger range of bra styles for me that I used to think weren’t available in my size.
Being told I have a smaller back size gave me a little confidence boost, made me feel a bit less dejected about my weight, and is making me feel more positive about doing something to reduce it.
I look more awesome now.

My top tip therefore is to go get a proper fitting, try on different styles to see what works for you, and feel a little bit happy about wearing something pretty under your clothes.

My next step now is to slim my bottom half down enough that I can buy a whole range of knickers from whomadeyourpants? Looking into dancing classes, and a friend is trying to convince me to take up running (definitely the cheaper option).


4 thoughts on “Boobs

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  2. Sadly they’re not always accurate.

    A few years ago I decided to have a bra fitting via Debenhams and out of curiosity decided to have there more that same week. One was M&S, another at a bra shop and the last one at a local department store.

    I ended up with for vastly different sizes..

  3. Like you, M&S fitted me as a teenager, and I never had a really well-fitting bra until a few years later when I had the same band size / cup size revelation. The downside now is that 90% of ranges don’t have a cup size OR a band size that fit me – couldn’t live without Bravissimo!

  4. I think sizes do vary quite differently from shop to shop, and particularly from style to style. Bravissimo was where I went, but having found a size, still made sure to try on the particular styles I was interested in to make sure that they still fitted.

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