Do you know who made your pants?

Do you know Who Made Your Pants?

Do you know Who Made Your Pants?, originally uploaded by Clair.

Yesterday I was very happy to give up some of my time to help out Becky from whomadeyourpants? at the l Women of the World Festival Conference at the Southbank festival in London.

Becky is an inspiration to me, she has worked tirelessly to make whomadeyourpants? a success, and the awesome organisation that it is. I’m going to borrow the text to explain what they do and why they do it from their website:

whomadeyourpants? is about two things. It’s about pants, gorgeous, not guilty, ethical pants. And it’s about women. Amazing women who want work but who don’t get many chances.
Here at whomadeyourpants? We think that every day should be a good pants day, and that there should be a little bit of something lovely under everyone’s clothes, just for them. Underwear can make us feel beautiful, confident – even taller if you get the right bra size. We also think that it’s not really on for anyone to be made to work in bad conditions just for a cheap pair of pants. How could that be right? Who could feel lovely in something made in a bad place?
So, we put these two things together and work with women here in the UK, women who have had very little opportunity, and we help them learn to make gorgeous pants, which you and we can wear, safe in the knowledge that they had a very happy start in life. We provide up front training in English if required, and then in sewing – every women who is accepted onto our course will go through an NVQ Level 2 in Manufacture of Sewn Products, and will be encouraged to train to be a team leader too. We hope that all jobs within the business can be filled by the women as they gain skills – if someone is interested in marketing, or finance, we’ll arrange training.
All profits we make go back into the business – our costs aren’t just about rent and fabric and wages, but about training and support and advice. We really do believe that pants can change the world – do you?

As you can see, buying a pair of their knickers is about more than just underwear, it’s about making a huge difference to people’s lives.

And they are really gorgeous pants as well. Each pair is labelled with the date they were made, and by going to the website and entering that date, you can find out who really did make your pants. And how often do you get to feel that good about your underwear?


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