What a stash…

I went into town today with the aim of getting some wool for a top I want to make. The shop didn’t have what I wanted, but never mind. I’ll try again tomorrow.

When I got home though (after a trip to the library) I thought I would see just what I did have in my current wool stash. Of course, it wasn’t all in one place instead some here and some there, but when I got it all together…

Oh dear.... that's quite a big stash.

Oh dear. I’ve got rather a lot of yarn kicking around. Not enough of any one type for any big projects, but I’ve got a enough for a lot of stash busting projects.

Any suggestions?


3 thoughts on “What a stash…

  1. Eek! That is some collection. I recommend you reinstall it in lots of different places so you don’t know how much you have 🙂 (And I think you should do a lovely hat with the blue/yellow/red stripey top right. Is that the same as the larger ball bottom left?)

  2. That stripey one is sock yarn…. which has just reminded me that I have a sock in another box somewhere that is missing it’s partner!

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