The Goodies

As I’ve mentioned already, this weekend I’m going to be co-hosting a party to celebrate the 40th anniversary of The Goodies first coming to our screens.

I feel I should probably explain why I love the Goodies so much and am going to all this effort. I first caame across the Goodies about 5 years ago. They were something that my Dad had frequently mentioned when I was younger but I had never actuallly seen (thanks to the BBCs steadfast refusal to show any repeats, more on that later). Something triggered my memory of this and I ordered the DVD that had recently been released from the rental scheme I was a member of, and was immediately hooked.

The Goodies appealed to me because of my existing love of the actors in it, and the fact that it provided exactely what I needed at the time…sillyness. The comedy is some of my favourite type: silly without being profane or disgusting. They are like a real live version of a tom and jerry cartoon and, and this is really important and has been said before, they are childlike but not childish. And that is a big distinction.

The way they have been influenced by silent comedy is very obvious, but for me they have been my introduction to Buster Keaton, Chaplin et al rather than the other way round.

The BBCs dislike of the show is baffling. The subject was recently raised again in a letter to Points of View,

Viewer comment (Richard Sleeman)

I want to ask the BBC if they have any plans of marking the 40th anniversary of The Goodies in November. They haven’t been seen on the BBC for nearly 30 years and I’m sure the millions of people in the UK want to watch them again and would certainly tune in. They did various other theme nights on BBC2 marking the anniversaries of Monty Python and Dad’s Army etc., but they did a short hour and a half documentary of The Return of the Goodies in 2005, but they’ve not yet broadcast anymore episodes. I’d like that to change!

And the response from the Controller of Entertainment (Mark Linsey)

We have a couple of specials coming out to celebrate a wonderfully gifted personality who has been much loved by BBC audiences; we are also celebrating a BBC sit-com that is still a favourite with viewers. We try to offer a wide range of entertainment programs, and believe the majority should be current rather than reflective or nostalgic. It is also worth pointing out that the last series of the Goodies was actually made for LWT in 1982.

Hmmm…. for a start if their big beef is that the last series was made for LWT, then would anyone care to explain to me why the BBC keep doing Morecambe and Wise Specials? Seeing as Morecambe and wise both started and ended their series away from the beeb. I also love the way that they don’t even turn around and give an outright ‘no’, althought that is fairly implicit in what they’ve said.

Tickets are now on sale for the Goodies 40th Birthday Party on 6th November 2010, at the Lass O’Gowrie in Manchester.
The tickets cost £30 each and include entry for the whole day, including all events and activities, autographs and even a very special party Goody Bag.
To find out more about the event (and the competitions) please visit the event’s page: http://goodiesparty.wordpress.com/


One thought on “The Goodies

  1. It does amaze me how the BBC can turn it’s back on gems like this and Blake’s Seven. They have enough channels now to repeat this somewhere sensible and suitable. They even still benefit from the work of these peope on Autumnwatch and Clue. But for some reason the faces no long fit. Time to send in the giant kitten !

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