Snailr – Postcard 39

I received a postcard from a long way away the other day:


The post card came from Anna over at Little Red Boat as part of her Snailr Project where she went on an epic rain journey, sending lots of postcards to random bloggers on the way.

My postcard, number 39 in a big series, says:

I know arriving in a city as exciting as New Orleans and advocating staying in and watching telly is basically unthinkable, but the fact is public access telly is so completely local and hyper-regional specific that if you’re knackered it really is the only think to zone out to. Personal history of plate collecting in Louisiana? You got it. Round table discussion involving a man dressed as an alien colonel discussing the anniversary of 9/11? You bet. Local Council meeting discussing zoning laws 4 planning applications? Get IN!

You obviously get regional telly in the UK, but I would say it’s probably not as diverse as in the states. The main differences within England being who reads your local news, but with the number of people watching TV on satellite now, I suspect quite a lot of people end up watching London news by default anyway. Of course, this little Island is quite a bit smaller than the United States, so you wouldn’t expect differences to be as big, because the distances travelled are smaller.

But if you go as far away as Wales (only 120 miles from London) things get a bit stranger with a whole different language that people get very passionate about. Somehow I don’t think 120 miles would get you very far in the US, bit here you cross a border into somewhere quite, but not entirely, foreign. Maybe size isn’t the biggest difference after all.

Snailr back

Snailr front


2 thoughts on “Snailr – Postcard 39

  1. Blimey, this comments form is well hidden! I very nearly went away assuming your blog was uncommentable-on.

    I love this typo: “she went on an epic rain journey”

    I got a snailr card too. Very exciting.

  2. You’re not the first to say that about the comments form, might change the template again.

    The snailr thing is great though isn’t it? They’re popping up in all sorts of places.

    Ps typos? Ooops!

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