Thames Festival

Thames Festival

We went out to have a walk around London yesterday as part of the Mayor’s Thames Festival, an annual festival that’s been going on for 14 years now and covers a huge stretch of the River from Jubilee Gardens (where the London Eye is) to past Tower Bridge at St Katherine’s Dock.

We saw the Peregrine Falcon’s at the Tate Modern, had a bit of a boogie with a Swing Band, enjoyed a Hog Roast on the closed Southwark Bridge, saw a 5 year old genuinely outwit a a bunch of adults in a game, watched a comedy lawn tennis match in the Scoop.

It’s a great day out, and the sun shine kept breaking through and the rain held off. We’re not heading in again today, but if you read this early enough this morning and are wondering what to do with your time, I recommend a trip into London, particularly for the fireworks at the end of the day which we saw last year and it was awesome.


2 thoughts on “Thames Festival

  1. It’s the first year I’ve done it properly, last year we were away for the weekend but got back just in time for the fireworks on the Sunday.

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