I rejoice in my geekiness

I’m sure you’re all perfectly aware just how much I love The Goodies. It might be slightly suprising to some of you to know that there are others out there that feel the same way!

Probably not actually, it is an awesome programme.

Anyway, the 40th aniversary of the start of the show is coming later on this year so a fellow Goodie-phile and I have been plotting, and we are now ready to start revealing all to the world:

There will be a party! On the 6th of November. And there will be birthday cake and bunting! There will also be lots of other exciting and interesting things happening on the day, think of it as a mini convention if you will.

More information can be found @goodiesparty and at http://goodiesparty.wordpress.com/.

Did I mention that there will be cake? You can’t have a birthday party without cake…


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