Tick tock body clock

My time with the hadrian’s walkers (http://www.hadrianswalk.org) has exposed me to a lot more parents than I normally come into contact with. And that has got me thinking about children again, in a way that I’ve not thought about for at least 5 years, since before M and I split up.

I’m not in the right place at the moment to chose to have children: work, life, finances and brain are not in the correct order. But I am aware that N is older than me, and if children are ever going to be a part of our lives, realistically it is going to have to be sooner rather than later.

There are also environmental issues going on in my head. It’s my job, I can’t help it. Should I be bringing more people into a planet where population levels are one of the major contentious issues? Or (and this sounds terrible) is it important for people who are aware of the issues to teach a new generation, so the future isn’t predominated by “chavs”?

Adoption is then probably the appropriate answer, opportunities to educate and teach, without increasing numbers. But am I even vaguely mentally strong enough for that? I can only imagine adoption as being much harder.

And yes, to a certain extent this is introspective drivel, and the cider is probably partially to blame. But I would probably be thinking the same things any day, even if I wasn’t willing to voice them.


3 thoughts on “Tick tock body clock

  1. Hey Claire!

    N was brilliant with William, just fyi šŸ˜€

    In my ‘umble…. there is never an optimal moment to have kids. You’ll always have money worries, pregnancy will always be hard, you’ll still have sleep deprivation when they’re teeny tiny, waiting may not change these things substantially. You can still cope, probably better than you think, and by gum it’s more than worth it. Sriously.

    And what’s to say your child (genetic or adopted) won’t discover the key to nuclear fusion and save the planet?

  2. Unless you’re 100% sure, don’t do it.
    I was never 100%, and I don’t regret it.

    Interesting programme on R4’s Woman’s Hour last week (Wednesday, repeated Saturday) if you can listen again.

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