Hadrian's Walk, Hadrian's Walk

Day 1: Wallsend to Heddon-on-the-Wall

Day 1 was about 15 miles and I was really beginning to feel it in my feet towards the end. Not blisters, fortunately I remain blister free so far, but just sore feet.

The day took us from Wallsend (‘end’, another demonstration that we’re walking the wrong way, into the prevailing wind! But it does mean that we get to finish the walk at the pretty end, rather than the industrial sprawl that is Newcastle that we walked through yesterday) to Heddon-on-the-Wall, a very pretty little place that I feel should be renamed Heddon-on-the-Hill. But we made it, and were greeted by some gorgeous views from the top.

N and I have mostly been walking on our own, at a much slower pace then many in the pack, but have also been occasionally tromping along with two others taking a similar steady pace to ourselves. This means that we arrived at our destination an hour or two behind those setting the fastest places, but the important thing was that we got there.

This morning I’m feeling remarkably good, a little soreness in the back of the legs, but much less than I had feared. N however is staggering around in a less enthusiastic manner. Let’s hope we all make it through today.



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