Hadrian's Walk

Walking the Gower

When I said that the picture of Langland Bay was a break from posting about the Hadrian’s Walk, I may have been lying slightly. In actual fact that was where Neil and I started a practice walk the other day, having decided that walking in Bromley was an uninspiring place to get motivated.

In order to bring joy and amusement to everyone’s lives, we filmed a training diary as we went round this walk:

This was the route that we took:

In the end, it turns out that this little practice walk came in at slightly over 5 miles. Not as long as we will be doing during the actual walk, but at least we weren’t dead at the end of that 5 miles, which is a good start considering I’ve done practically no exercise for about 5 years! But with now less than a month to go before the real thing, I think we need to give up buses and rely on our feet more.

And don’t forget to sponsor us for our efforts! You can do this through the main website: http://www.hadrianswalk.org, by going straight to donate: http://justgiving.com/hadrianswalkers or by buying a raffle ticket: http://www.justgiving.com/hadriansraffle. Thank You!


2 thoughts on “Walking the Gower

  1. That was fun! I hope we’re all still laughing and smiling after 84 miles. Ice cream at the end of each day would help immensely.

    See you in a few weeks!

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