Hadrian's Walk

Time to buff things up

Rather than writing my own witty and interesting post, I am gratuitously stealing one of Dan’s…

Two big boxes arrived labelled “Hadrian’s Walk” arrived at my house yesterday.

The Buff’s are here!

If there is one disadvantage to a Buff it’s that they are so hard to describe. The easiest route would probably to call them a bandanna – that’s certainly what I use mine for. But the truth is they are a hell of a lot more versatile than that.

Here then are the many faces of a Buff:

The design turned out even better than I was hoping. All kudos to Hadrian’s Walkers Mark Wilson and Oli Walker who put it all together as well as Sarah and Maria over at Buff HQ who have been incredibly supportive and helpful.

So I’m very pleased to announce that the Hadrian’s Walk Buff’s are now officially for sale. Hurrah!

Due to the exceptionally kind generosity of Buff 100% of the £13 price tag goes directly to The Joseph Salmon Trust (minus P&P costs).

So basically, if you were planning on making a donation to the Walk you might as well make it £13 (or more) and get a Buff out of the deal. They are really good – I owned two before I even thought of doing the walk and they have kept my follicly challenged scalp from getting burned on many a walk.

There are only 157 of these exclusively designed Buff’s ever made, and once they have gone then they’ve gone. There will be no second printings so get yours now while they are hot.

In order to make a purchase then donate £13 or more per Buff on our dedicated Merchandise page:


Make sure to use your real name and include a valid email address in the donor details. Also state what you are ordering and how many in the comments (i.e 1x Buff please). The £13 includes postage and package irrespective of country. However if you want to donate more to cover this then of course you can.

After you’ve done that then email archie@hadrianswalk.org and tell him your name and address. Then sit back and wait for your Buff to arrive through the post. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Just for those who may have turned up late to the party. We’re selling these Buff’s in conjunction with Hadrian’s Walk, a 84 mile long sponsored walk across the width of England.

In July of this year 60 people will join me in walking the Hadrian’s Wall footpath. We’re walking in aid of The Joseph Salmon Trust, a charity founded by our friends in memorial to their son Joseph who died aged 3 in April of 2005.

The Joseph Salmon Trust supports parents who have lost a child by providing financial assistance to those who need it most. This may be to help with funeral costs or enable the self employed a little time off work in order to grieve. Losing a child is the worst thing a parent can possibly go through. There’s nothing that we can do to make that situation any better, but we can help stop it getting any worse.

If you would like to learn more about the Hadrian’s Walk then you can visit our website. If you would like to donate then you can do so here. If you would like to discuss becoming a corporate sponsor then email me at dan (at) hadrianswalk.org


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