This is Clair, she’s a…

A friend of mine has recently been employed in the kind of job where you get invited to events. The good kind of events, where they give you wine and food and allow you to bring along a friend in the form of yours truly.

Now, the event was informed that I was a ‘hanger on’ and not a knowledgeable party, but this message must have got lost somewhere along the line as my name badge proudly declared me to come from the same organisation as said friend. This gave me a fantastic opportunity to play the “‘makey-uppey-jobbey-game”. A game we were introduced to at a Jason Cook gig, and essentially involves a friend inventing a job for you whenever you meet someone new, and you having to stay in the persona of that job for the rest of the evening.

So, if anyone asks, I’m currently doing work experience at a food magazine.

It was a good night though. Hic.


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