Oh look…i have a blog

I’m feeling slightly guilty about my lack of blogging, exacerbated by having just been to a blog meet up and realising that I couldn’t actually remember the last time I posted anything. Whoops.

In my defence, the last two months have mostly been full of packing and unpacking, and my computer only just got reconnected on Sunday. It seems the days are long gone when the computer would have been the last thing packed and the first thing to be reassembled.

Also, I’m really happy at the moment. And I guess I blog best when I’m upset or confused or angry or lonely, and i’m not any of those things at the moment. I’m in a fabulous little house, with a man I love who completely gets me, doing a job that I adore. It’s a bit sickening really.

Ah well, I have a friend’s wedding to attend later in the year that my ex and his partner will be at. That could be interesting and is bound to provide some kind of story fodder!


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