Duvet Day

I took the wise decision to take a duvet day today.

Duvet days are one of the many things that make current job better than old job. Yesterday evening I was half way between shouting at the OB and being in floods of tears, when the thought of duvet day popped into my head and was immediately jumped on by both of us as being a good idea. I’ve been able to have a lie in, have some alone time, get a few necessary chores out of the way and potter around the house getting some more things unpacked and boxes sorted. Tomorrow when the two of us are working on things again, I will now hopefully have got myself sufficiently under control that I won’t keep throwing my arms up in the air and declaring that there’s too much stuff and I can’t deal with it anymore!

But right now, I’m contemplating cheese on toast and finishing my book. And then maybe starting the next book in the series. And perhaps another bath. Mmmm…

Here’s to lazy days!


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