The plan for yesterday was to get as the bed, and as many boxes as possible, moved from the OB’s flat into the new house. The boxes have been mostly successful, but the largest bit of the bed wouldn’t fit in the vehicles we had available to us, so it had to stay at the flat for the time being. Not a problem.

At the end of the evening, boxes randomly unpacked into any hole they’ll fit into, we crawled back to the flat for a quick bite to eat before bed. But of course, not planning to stay at the flat overnight, we were now woefully underprepared. I can however report that clothes pulled out of the washing machine in the evening will dry overnight if left next to the boiler, that you can spread butter onto crackers with a fish slice, but cereal eaten with a wooden spoon tastes weird.


4 thoughts on “Disorganised

  1. And everytime I do it, I swear I’m never going to move again!

    But hopefully *fingers crossed* this one will be a lilttle bit more long term.

  2. I’m not looking forward to moving again, when it happens at some point in the next year. But I am rather looking forward to spreading butter with a fish slice.

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