What’s your favourite bit of where you live?

Does everyone have a favourite bit of their local town/city/area?

I was thinking about this the other day as I walked across Waterloo Bridge. I love the London bridges, you can be walking through built up streets where you can’t see anything more than a few hundred feet away, and then you step out onto a bridge and suddenly all of London is spread out infront of you. Everytime I walk one of the bridges, I get a momentary feeling of “wow, I live in London”.

Do you have any places like that, that really seem to summarise where you live?


6 thoughts on “What’s your favourite bit of where you live?

  1. My daily drive to work takes me past some of the more iconic bits of Bristol: particularly, underneath the famous Suspension Bridge. There are lots of other places around the city, though, that I could mention: the terraced miners’ cottages of my own district pouring down steep hillsides; the views from Brandon Hill and Redcatch Road; or this mural, which I’ve never got around to taking a picture of myself.

  2. I like to walk along Embankment Bridge for the same reason. Also because it’s a railway bridge, and if I’m walking I mark myself out as someone taking their time.

    Where I live, I’d say it’s walking down by the river, because it’s the Thames and it has history and impermanence, just like us.

  3. Good answers 🙂

    Actually…that implies that there are such things as bad answers, I shall rephrase to say “interesting answers”.

  4. I live on the lower slopes of a 1500ft escarpment that runs for (estimate) about 40-50 miles along the New South Wales coast. I live in a city that has pretty much all I need, and from most of it I can look up at the forests and sandstone outcrops above me and think ‘Wow!’.

    And it catches the rising sun in the morning – spectacular.

    I’ve been in this country a year now, having moved from Staines, and I still look at sights like that and think ‘Bugger me! I’m living in Australia!’

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