Big Screen Meme

Dan is insisting that he know the three best films to watch at the cinema. And so sure is he of his film choices, that he has asked the Hadrians Walkers for their three choices, sure that whatever we pick, his will be better.

Who am I to disappoint him?

My top three things that I would like to see at the cinema:

  1. Slumdog Millionaire – Mostly because events have been conspiring to prevent the OB and me from seeing this, both individually and together.
  2. The Lord of the Rings – all three films (extended versions) in one sitting, on a big screen. I would love it. (Although I might have to introduce drinking penalties for unnecessary plot deviations)
  3. Mirrormask – Because it’s a beautiful film, and I think seeing it huge would be magnificent.

What are your three?

P.S. There was a wonderful addition to a plastic surgery poster I saw on the tube this week, someone had stuck on it a hand written sticker which said simply “You are normal, this is not”. Love it.


2 thoughts on “Big Screen Meme

  1. I too have a overwhelming desire to watch all three lord of the rings films in one sitting. Threr must be a cinema somewhere that does it.

  2. If there isn’t, do you think we could put on a special screening before the Hadrian’s Walk? Just to get us in the mood for walking over mountains, and through forests… entirely motivational, nothing fun about it.

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