Thrown in the deep end

So, I got to meet the OB’s parents this weekend. It was a meeting that I could really have done with putting off for another few months, but they had this pesky thing called a “Golden Wedding Aniversary” that he really wanted me to be there for. And, as they live out in Wales, it couldn’t just be a brief pop in for a glass of wine and then run away again. Oh no…I had to stay overnight!

Fortunately, the OB’s brother, his wife and two little kiddies were also there, to happily divert attention away from me. And we were positively encouraged to go out for walks on both days to explore the local area (beautiful, beautiful area by the way. And I got to paddle in the sea, which always makes me happy).

And actually, I think the weekend went really well (if you ignore transport issues, which plagued us in both directions. They said I would have to come back again, which is a good sign, right?

And when we got back to London, we got to enjoy the delights of the Mayors Thames Festival…getting there with time to spare before the fireworks kicked off. And it was a good fireworks display….synchronised rockets were launched from two barges/boats that had been pulled out into the middle of the thames. The oohs and ahhs from the audience were loud and appreciative. Just a shame that it was so difficult to get away from the area afterwards, with seemingly little thought having been given to directing hundreds of people out of a very crowded area. Ah well, the important bits of the weekend were good!


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