Downstairs at the King’s Head – Barry Cryer & Ronnie Golden

The first stop on my attempt to visit all London comedy venues took place yesterday, taking us out to the deepest darkest reaches of North London – Hornsey in fact to Downstairs at the King’s Head. We knew we had definitely reached the right venue when we walked in and saw Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden sat at a table together, discussing set lists.

The King’s Head is quite a nice pub (and makes a good fish finger sandwich) and the comedy venue itself, as you would guess from the title, is downstairs. Quite an intimate venue, and I would recommend getting there when the doors open to ensure good seats (we were sat right at the front, and it was marvellous).

For those who don’t know, Barry and Ronnie often get together to do a comedy show based on a combination of funny songs, Barry’s marvellous collection of jokes and Ronnie’s infinitely malleable voice. The end result is something absolutely hillarious and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone … they’re heading up to the Fringe shortly, if you are there make them a must (they’re on at the Gilded Balloon).

Yesterday’s set, a preview for the Fringe, was a good combination of old favourite songs (such as Stannah Stairlift and Peace and Quiet) and newer material as well. It was actually a rescheduled gig, Barry having been ill for the previous planned date but that didn’t slow him down at all (“But then,” he tells us, “I’m a hypochondriac…my gynecologist told me so”). The songs are hillarious, and their interaction between Barry & Ronnie is marvellous. And watch out for Ronnie’s yodelling.

If you can’t make it to see them, spend a tenner and get the album (Rock and Droll), it’s worth every penny.


2 thoughts on “Downstairs at the King’s Head – Barry Cryer & Ronnie Golden

  1. I really really really need to get out and see more comedy. not living in London is a slight disadvantage, but there are plenty of local clubs.

    I’m morning the closing of leeds city varieties for refurbishment though. that’s where I saw most stuff before.

    Want to get into the more unknown comedians though.

    Add it to the list I suppose

  2. I like pubs that do comedy over proper comedy clubs (of the jongleurs/comedy store type) as you get quite a good mix of known and unknown comedians.

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