When you stop looking, you’re more likely to find…

I know I haven’t answered sam’s last question yet, but I promise that I will soon (besides, he’s on holiday at the moment so he doesn’t know I haven’t answered it yet!).

What I wanted to talk about instead is something that I’ve been alluding to briefly on Twitter… I’ve met someone.

When I first started going to recordings, there was a thought that it might be a good place to meet a like minded individual, but soon dismissed this when I realised that I was one of the very few people to go to these things on my own. The notion was packed away, and I just went for the comedy, and mostly kept myself to myself with a good book or some knitting while waiting to go into the studio. But it was while waiting to go into a recording that I first met N. He’s so a huge fan of comedy (radio, stand-up… It’s all good), Doctor Who, cider, and good food. If I’d written up a list I don’t think I could have come up with someone with as similar tastes.

There’s only one little problem, and that’s the age gap. He’s a not insignificant amount older than me. But I’ve decided that I don’t care, there are quite a few relationships in my family with big gaps…my parents have ten years between them, my cousin about 14 between her and her hubbie, and my sister has recently got engaged to a man a few years her senior too.

One of the reasons I’ve decided that I don’t care is that I’ve always said to myself that things like whether someone was me or female would never bother me, I would love them for who they were, not the box they happened to be in. In this way, I’ve jut gone for a slightly older box, the contents are still good!

Here’s hoping that things continue just as well!


9 thoughts on “When you stop looking, you’re more likely to find…

  1. Personally,I think that a lot of the age-difference stuff is just so much rot.

    OK, if you’re out with your partner and the waiter says “And what would your father/son like?” then it might be a bit wrong, but anything less than a 15 year age diff (well, unless you’re Michael Jackson or Gary Glitter *grin*) is fine.

    I’ve dated and/or had relationships with people up to ten years older/younger than me, and both worked out fine.

    So good for you, and stuff what anyone else thinks about it.

  2. Racking my brains trying to figure out which Clue panellist has a name beginning with N… ooo, is it Nim Brooke-Tayler? 😉

    Congratulations to you both. 🙂

  3. Cliff says:

    My dad had nearly twenty years on my mum and they had many happy years together. Of course they produced me, but you can’t have everything. We’ll done on the girlfriend thing, and good things for the future.

  4. My best friend, who have really become my best friends, have 11 years between them, him being the older. It works wonderfully for them, and has for over decade.

  5. oooh, well done you, i’m really pleased 🙂 I’ve got to say, for me as well, it’s all about the person rather than the gender/age/etc….

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