What would be your dream holiday, leaving next week?

I’m going to do Sam‘s questions in revererse order, so that I have more time to think of good answers to the trickier ones.

Therefore we start with holidays.

If money wasn’t an issue, then next week I would go to New Zealand. It’s somewhere I’ve always been interested in, but the lord of the rings films really caught my imagination with that gorgeous scenery.

The slight problem I have with a trip lik this is my environmental stand point. I’ve promised myself not to fly unless it’s really really worth it. Therefore all recent holidays have been uk based, apart from a brief trip to France by eurostar. And so, if I were to go to new Zealand, it would have to be for at least three months, because there’s a good chance I’ll never go back there again.

As I can’t take three months off work, if I were to go on holiday next week, it would be to go to the Edinburgh comedy festival. A fantastic place to get away from work.

This is one of a series of posts where I answer questions from commenters to celebrate my return to more regular blogging. Feel free to ask one yourself!


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