Hadrian's Walk

Only 1 Hour

The 80% targets that were recently agreed on by the G8 for reducing CO2 emissions are never going to work. The Governments are all going to wake up on 31st December 2049, the day before their home work is due in, panic that they haven’t done anything, claim they don’t care anyway and start to cry, before putting themselves through an all nighter survived solely on eating coffee straight out of the jar. (No, I never did that, but I know a girl who did).

This is also what I will be like with regard to the walk, if I can’t get myself in gear. Hence, interim targets are a good thing! Work colleagues have convinced me to take part in a 10km race later in the year, for the Rainforest Foundation. Said colleague even dared to use the words “remember, it’s only one hour out of your life”. One hour? Pah! But that is the aim. I’m working on the theory that if I can get myself trained up enough for this by November, I should hopefully be able to stop myself from completely dying to death on the Hadrian’s Walk next year.

But strangely, no one seems keen on my idea of doing the thing in fancy dress (it is the day after halloween). They seem to think it would be a burden…I see it as a way of avoiding people recognising that its me right at the back.

This post is cross posted from the hadrianswalk.org blog. Please take a look. Particularly if you’re a cyclist and fancy joining up for the next extension to the walk.


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