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What podcasts are you currently listening to?

Podcasts… I love podcasts. And Dan has conveniently given me an excuse to list my favourites.

(advance warning, this is quite a long list, even longer than i thought or was when I started writing it up.)

The type of podcasts that I listen to mostly fall into two distinct camps: comedy and skepticism. But there are a few that fall outside of those, and I’m going to start there. There’s no particular order to any of these, other than which I happen to remember first,

1/ the word
Mitch Benn is indirectly responsible fir the first two podcasts on this list, having appeared on a BBC radio show with represenatives from both some time back, with him being the reason i was listening.

Although I’m a long time lover of music, I don’t actually know anything about music or the people involved. But despite this, I’ve found The Word to be a good source of entertaining conversation, new music, films, tv an generally quite good for a giggle.

2/ wiggly wigglers
Wiggly Wigglers swings closer to my internal hippy compass. Although ostensibly a way of advertising the wiggly wigglers shop, this podcast is much more than that and invariably manages to develop a really good discussion around areas that you may not have considered before, whether that’s pesticides, cows, locally produced food, bees, elderflower wine, or even the worms the podcast gets its name from. This podcast is always entertaining and often educational.

3/ coverville
I’ve only just been made aware of this podcast, via the ever lovely anna of little red boat. The premise is simple, an entire show based around cover versions of songs. Makes for a really good listen, and will forever be on my list for having introduced me to tom baker ‘singing’ the kinks:

4/ Stephen fry
How can you not have Stephen fry on any list that you happen to be compiling. The man that everyone would want to have as a brother/uncle/adopted father often has really interesting things to say, and a really good way of saying them.

5/ the moth
I found this one when Neil Gaiman appeared on it (one of my favourite authors and story tellers) appeared on it, but have been an avid listener ever since. The Moth is a short, 15 minute, podcast, featuring real stories told out loud in front of a live audience. There is something really fantastic about what is essentially old fashioned story telling, and these stories have frequently had me in both fits of laughter and floods of tears. This is possibly the podcast that I get most excited about when a new edition pops up on my library.


6/ The bugle
An audio newspaper for a visual world, the bugle, brought to us by The Times features the insane humour and outright lies of andy zaltzman and john Oliver. This is extremely funny, and made more so by the two main culprits abilities to make each other laugh as well. Also, a big thumbs up to Tom, the long suffering producer.

7/ angry and cliff
Home grown blogging talent, mr angry and cliff jones continue to grow into their podcasting role, providing us with silliness and random information (often false). Exactely what’s needed to liven up a dull commute.

8/ phill and phil’s perfect ten
The closest thing to pure filth you can find in a comedy podcast. Messers jupitus and wilding pick 10 random topics out of a rather fetching hat, which they must discuss in no more, and no less, than half an hour. There is quite a strong tendency for even the most innocent discussion to come round to masturbation. Very funny though.

9/ the Friday night comedy podcast from the bbc
So much of a classic that it’s hardly worth mentioning, the podcasted versions of the news quiz and the now show delivered straight to your door computer. Marvellous satirical fun.

10/ Mitch Benn
Although Mitch’s podcasts can be few and far between, what he does send out is golden. He even managed to convince me that Charles Dickens isn’t entirely evil when he read a Christmas Carol over, appropriately enough, Christmas. But the true beauty of his podcasts are his songs, which in my opinion are some of the finest bits of comedy writing around.

11/ Mark Thomas
Recorded live during mark’s It’s the economy stupid tour, these podcasts include interviews with experienced political and economic thinkers, explaining just how buggered the economy is, and coming up with some fantastic ideas for how to make things better (how does a maximum wage strike you? Linked to the everyone else’s wages, so if the bosses want more money, they have to pay everyone else better too)


12/ the skeptics guide to the universe
13/ little atoms
14/ the skeptic zone

All three of these podcasts bring up interesting debates and ideas, often looking into either recent extrodinary discoveries in science, or the latest tosh pretending to be medicine with no proof. All three (one from the US, one Australia and one from right here on London) approach the issues raised in a sensible and well thought out manner, rather than just being dismissive and I highly recommend all of them for that.

Those are the main ones I can think of at the moment, and while not an exhaustive list of what I listen to. It gives you a good flavour. I’ll go back and add links to all of them later(links now added), but in the mean time, let me know if you think I’ve misses any obvious ones, or if you have any opinions on my favourites.

This is one of a series of posts where I answer questions from commenters to celebrate my return to more regular blogging. Feel free to ask one yourself!


4 thoughts on “What podcasts are you currently listening to?

  1. I listen to the word, mr fry, the bugle, and the friday night comedy podcast. I did used to liste to phil and phil but quite frankly they started to bore me.

    Collins and Herring podcast is very good. Answer me this has it’s moments (hosted by andy from the bugles sister). Adam and joe are fantastic.

    I also subscribe to in our time, but often can’t summon up the energy to actually listen to it.

  2. Oh and Hamish and andy (australian DJ’s0 are bloody fantastic, but they just put out too much stiuff to keep up with. i end up dipping in and out.

    I’m now downloading the moth and angry and cliff to have a listen to.

  3. Cliff says:

    Ooh, that’s me. Thanks for the mench. I don’t think there’s going to be a show this week due to a sudden outbreak of camping, but it’s nice to be listed in among the great and the good of the podcasting echelons in this post. Take care.

  4. What? No mention of This Reality Podcast (http://thisrealitypodcast.com)? 100,000 subscribers and the first podcast to be granted a PRS licence (which, let’s face it, not even the BBCs podcasts have yet achieved). 40 mins of absolute drivel interspersed with really good music, hosted by two presenters with barely a functional braincell between them?

    We wuz robbed. 🙂

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