What do you think about the current series of I’m sorry I haven’t a clue?

Jane has taken a brief moment out from her busy life as a new mummy (ps congratulations again!) to ask what I think about the current series of clue, the first since Humph’s unfortunate passing.

I have mixed feelings on the return of clue. I still love the show, and the jokes are as great as ever, and I really like the guest chairs that they’ve had. But it’s not humph.

Partly I suspect that this will just take some getting used to, as I did thoroughly enjoy the recordings that I went to. I guess I’m just not that comfortable with change.

More specifically to the shows though, I enjoyed the end of the series (chaired by rob brydon) most, possibly because his delivery was completely different to that of humph. And he has got a great singing voice.

I would love to know what people who are slightly less stalkerish than me think of it though. There’s a comments box below, chip in!

This is one of a series of posts where I answer questions from commenters to celebrate my return to more regular blogging. Feel free to ask one yourself!


4 thoughts on “What do you think about the current series of I’m sorry I haven’t a clue?

  1. I was listening to feedback on radio 4 today and they were saying how popular Jack Dee had been with the listening public. I must say I agree.

  2. I liked Jack Dee, but his delivery is just too close to Humph’s for me to be entirely comfortable with it.

    That said, I am going to go and see him and the gang on the ISIHAC tour, and I expect by the time I see them, he will be more comfortable in the role. Should be interesting to see.

  3. I don’t think I can in any way be considered less stalkerish than you, so I probably shouldn’t comment. But I will anyway.

    General opinion does seem to be divided between Jack Dee and Rob Brydon – no one seems to think Stephen Fry should take the chair (poor Stephen, but at least if he’d a panellist again we get to see him sing!). I think I preferred Jack to Rob. Rob’s lovely and was very good at being different to Humph, but somehow he just didn’t seem to fit, in my mind. Add to that he’d now the new host of ‘Would I Lie To You’ on telly – is he allowed to host two different things? Jack I think will get better, once his nerves settle down. And he had the better ad-libs.

  4. What I actually want is to see some other completely different people give it a go. My top picks for this would be Sue Perkins nd Jarvis Cocker.

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