What apps have you installed on your iPhone so far?

Next question, from Lesley, on iPhone apps.

I’ve not gone too mad with phone apps yet (give me time). But i have installed a few photography based things (camerabag, pano, a flickr uploaded thing) and a few games (worms! They have worms on the iPhone… Possibly the best computer game ever is now available for me to carry around in my pocket!).

For the most part though, the most useful bits for me are: wordpress, tweetie/tweetdeck (haven’t decided which I prefer yet), and the google suite for easy access to mail, calender and reader. Finally a way to stop me getting quite so far behind on the ramblings wisdoms of the people I follow.

The map, and the ability to access the TFL when at large, are also already proving to be worth their weight in gold to me.

Oh, and using the iPhone as a remote for iTunes on my pc is just fun.

This is one of a series of posts where I answer questions from commenters to celebrate my return to more regular blogging. Feel free to ask one yourself!


4 thoughts on “What apps have you installed on your iPhone so far?

  1. Mrs.D. is just about to take possession of an iPhone.

    I have seen (on someone else’s iPhone) software which makes the cell act as a spirit level.

    Assuming this wasn’t a gimmick/trick/trompe l’oeil, what use would you actually make of this – really?

  2. right here goes:

    Flixster is great, tells you where the nearest cinema is and what’s showing at what times. Fantastic for an impulse trip.

    Remember you can put shortcuts to websites on your main screen too. i have a link to the bbc iplayer on mine 9only works with wifi though:( )

    If you have a mac then the remote app is very cool

    I also use the sunrise app to help me plan my morning constitutional.

    My question is: What podcasts are you currently listening to? a similar question but i want to know as you might point me to something i’m missing.

  3. Lesley: yes, yes it will. But it’s fun!

    Mr.D: yes it does exist, yes I have it, and no, I don’t know what to actually do with it. But it is very cool.

    Dan: Like the sound of flixter, will have to chase that out. Podcasts will be discussed at greater length later.

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