So – where’ve you been?

Lyle asks where I’ve been, which is a fair question to start off with.

First there was that whole redundancy thing. I was out of work for about a month in the end, and it turns out that me and unemployment don’t get on well. Without the push of having to go and do something, I spent far too much time watching tv. Fortunately the gorgeous weather we had at the time did at least get me sat outside reading a book in the sun shine occasionally (and picking up a tan in the process).

So I was very happy when I got my new job. It has similarities to my old one, but with the difference that I actually feel like I’m making a difference now, rather than just helping people to do the bare minimum. Also, the whole ethos of working for a charity rather than a private company is definitely preferable… The focus is on getting the job done, and if that means working late, so be it. Whereas in the private sector the emphasis is just on the money, and people are expected to work over long hours just to demonstrate willing, even if there’s nothing that needs doing.

Apart from work, the Edinburgh festival preview season has been here, and that coupled with the presence of the udderbelly tent on the south bank means that I am currenly money poor, but comedy rich.

And that is me, mostly, up to date.

This is one of a series of posts where I answer questions from commenters to celebrate my return to more regular blogging. Feel free to ask one yourself!


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