Oh dear, it’s been a bit quiet around here hasn’t it?

Sorry for the quietness! First there was the redundancy and the job hunting and now there’s the new job (which I still love) and these things have all been conspiring to prevent me from having anything to say here. But my camera is currently in the shop getting fixed, and when that comes back I will restart the 365 Project that got abandoned a while ago.

But I’m keeping this short and sweet for now, as I got back from Newcastle at about 8 o’clock this morning, and have only had about 2 hours sleep and am still feeling rather discombobulated (a word that my dictionary fails to recognise, shocking!). A few quick mentions though: I’m going to be going to TAM in October, anyone else going? I know Pewari is… we’re planning on a mini blog meet the night before for interested parties.

I’ve also been failing in providing my comedy/theatre reviews recently (for a given value of “recently” – whoops!), I will do my best to correct that from here on in (speaking of which, anyone going to see the early edition at the London Southbank Udderbelly tomorrow?



One thought on “Oh dear, it’s been a bit quiet around here hasn’t it?

  1. SK says:

    Stumbled across your blog and glad to hear you’re still loving the new job.

    I’m still waiting for my camera lens from the job. The camera body is sittin’ all by itself at the moment.

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