The only way is up…

Well, here’s hoping that things are going to get better round here soon. First there was the stress of finding somewhere to live, then the announcement at work that about a quarter of the office were going to be made redundant (including all of my team), and then I managed to get myself taken to hospital after a bungee cord back fired on me while I was trying to strap something down. It pinged back, broke my glasses, cut up my eyelid and bruised my eye up. Ouch.

After a day of doing everything in prescription sunglasses, I’ve managed to find an old spare pair of normal glasses that got packed up in the last move. Not a perfect prescription, but should keep me going until the redundancy payout. Also on the upside, I’ve heard back from one of the many job enquiries I’ve made that they are interested in me, and would like to arrange a follow up interview/conversation, but not until after Easter.

And at least, for the most part, I have my health!


2 thoughts on “The only way is up…

  1. Oh gosh, that’s awful – but like you say, at least the only way is up. I hope some exciting news comes your way soon!

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