Somewhere to drop the vitriol

This week’s pet peeves

Being put on hold, without having spoken to anyone. If you’re to busy to take the call, leave it engaged, or put it through to voicemail. Do not answer the phone, but transfer it to hold with no indication of whether there’s even anyone in the office who is ever going to answer it. It is a waste of my time and my phone bill, don’t do it.

Fake property alerts. If the property was let out before christmas, take it off your website. You’re wasting both of our time.

Information being ignored. When I say that my budget is £X, I mean it. As nice as the property you’re trying to show me is, if it’s £200 a month over my budget, I can’t afford it. Stop wasting my time!

Estate Agents. If you can’t make a viewing, let me know before anyone has trekked half way across London to see a property. Waste of time.

Yes, my current pet peeves can all pretty much be summed up as “stop wasting my time”. I need that time, to sleep! I’m knackered.


3 thoughts on “This week’s pet peeves

  1. BW. Thanks for the heads up, but things have changed, again, and I’m now looking for a one bed.

    S. Joy? Hmmm…that is an alien concept that I am not familiar with.

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