Sew…now what?

I got a sewing machine for Christmas!

My first project was using up scraps of material lying around the house to make a case for my knitting needles. Using one craft to make stuff for another craft, great fun. Now, if anyone else has any bits and pieces of material that they don’t want, send them over here…I fancy making a quilt!

Also, really want to attend this: and this Anyone want to come with me?


9 thoughts on “Sew…now what?

  1. Welcome to the addictive world of fabric craft! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    Those courses seem very expensive to me! Round here a whole day (10am-4pm) class is no more than £18 (limit of 8 students too). Many are £12 or £15, and a few even less. Even classes at specialist quilting venues with internationally-renowned tutors are rarely more than £35 a day.

  2. Ta BW, will have to have a look around and see what I can find. Have had personal recommendations of the above people though, who apparently provide a really fun course. Having said that…I’m moving house at the moment, so there’s no spare cash at all!

  3. Blue Witch, I politely must disagree.

    Our courses (which average 8 students) are top notch with expert instructors, all high-quality tools and materials provided, plus wine and nibbles in a lovely venue – all in Central London, a very expensive city. (The price is what you’d pay for a night out to dinner with a friend.)

    We’re offering something quite different than a skills course in a church hall – our students take home a chic, completed project and have a wonderful, social time to boot.

    Many of our students return five, six or more times to take a variety of workshops – indeed most of our business comes from satisfied word-of-mouth customers.

    We’re pleased that we’ve really struck a nerve with crafters who want something contemporary!

  4. Oh sorry. I didn’t realise the link you’d given was a craft-for-the-rich venue in central London Clair!!! (£45 for 3 hours, 10 students = £450; take off a few quid for some fabric and nibbles – bit of a commerical venture I think?)

    Wine and sewing machines? No responsible tutor I’ve ever been to would *ever* advocate that.

    No, there are lots of courses around for less than that amount for a whole day that are run in quilting shops by expert tutors. If you want to see the sort of thing, have a look at Quilters’ Haven or Rainbow Silks websites.

    But, I remain convinced that locally run courses are excellent, and you meet lots of similarly-minded people who are passionate about sewing and aren’t just doing it as a new social activity in lieu of a night out.

    Of course I don’t expect the business owner you mention to agree with me 😉

  5. Wow, you clearly haven’t first-hand experience about how much quality teachers cost per hour in a major city, or how to write a business plan. (Your notions about costs, overheads, and profit are way, way off).

    In any case, enjoy your crafting, it’s great that people are so passionate – whether just beginning or at it for years and years – about it!

    There’s room for everyone, not sure why people feel a need to be so divisive.

  6. Well, not really wanting to jump in the middle of a good argument, I was going to say that the courses look a bit basic to me. But then I was making my own clothes as a teenager! Not that I ever spent money on courses (or as much as £7 a meter on fabric!) – I learned from patterns and books.

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