Time for a meme… Following in the footsteps of Avitable, Dan has set 5 questions for me to answer, which I will do. And then if anyone else wants to have a go, I’ll ask some questions too. Simple.

1. Who do you think will replace Humph, or should I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue die with him?
I don’t think anyone will ever replace Humph, the man was a legend and anyone trying to be a replacement will fail. That said however, I think there is still good potential for the show to continue.

My personal favourites of all the suggestions that have bounced around the internet recently are Sue Perkins and Jarvis Cocker. My least favourite suggestions are John Cleese and Stephen Fry (not that I don’t love the Fry, I just don’t think he’s right for this particular role).

A friend also put forward the suggestion that we elevate Colin Sell to chairmanship, and I think that could work well too.

That said however, I reserve the right to change my mind when it does get recorded again (and I fully intend to be there for the first recording)

2. What’s the best photo you’ve ever taken?
Hmm… Well, based on the opinion of all the people on flickr, it must be this one of the London Eye, which has by far the most views/favourites of any photo I’ve ever taken.

But my personal favourite is probably one of these three: 1,2,3, mostly for the memories associated with them.

3. Have you ever been in the local paper? what about on TV?
I think I appeared in a local paper when I was about 12 or 13, in an article about my school. I’m not even sure if I was actually mentioned in the article or whether I was just in the photo. I have appeared on TV, or at least, the back of my head has appeared on TV…I was in the front row of the audience for the first episode of News Knight. That is about the limit of my fame, although I have been indirectly referred to in newspaper articles by/about one or two of the comedians that I “stalk”. Usually in a nice way 😉

4. What appeals to you about the Levellers (I’m not stalking you, I just looked on Last FM)?
I love the fiddle (there are few things quite as cool as watching Jonathan play a fantastic tune on the fiddle, while bouncing around as if he were on a pogo stick). And I love the political intent and energy behind the songs. I also really like a lot of their upbeat stuff, but I don’t know why…anyone who knows me will tell you that my music collection is mostly morbid and/or depressing (Think Nick Cave and Tori Amos).

My love of the levellers stemmed from the first time I went to one of their gigs, having bought tickets to see them for my ex, who I knew liked them. I couldn’t have named any of their songs at the time, and (it being my first time at a gig in quite a while as well) half thought that the warm up band was actually them. But they blew me away when they came on stage, and I had a marvellous evening.

5. Speaking of stalkers, have you ever had any bad experiences on the internet?
No, not really. I’ve met a few people IRL that I first met on the internet, and have even got a couple of good friends that way. The only real problem I had was a little while ago when I got paranoid that my boss had found my blog, I doubt he ever cared enough to actually look anyway, but that was when I had one of my domain changes, just to be on the safe side.


If you would like to be interviewed yourself then leave a comment here saying something like “interview me” and I’ll send you some questions.

Here’s the cut and paste bit:

Interview rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


7 thoughts on “Interviewed

  1. I have an irrational hatred of Sue Perkins, so I hope it won’t be her. Sandy Totsvig would be ok, but she’s presenting everything at the moment.

    I think they would be best off staying away from comedians though, and perhaps go for a different type of celeb. John Cleese does have a history with tim and Graham, but i agree he’s be wrong for it.

  2. Jarvis Cocker ?? Hmm not sure about that – Ken Bruce may work – so would Rob Brydon who did well onstage.

    I hear the BBC will being Clue back – I wonder if it will retain it’s rebellious charm….

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