Side effects of the smoking ban

When the smoking ban came in, I was quite happy. As a non smoker, I was getting increasing fed up of the number of times I came back from the pub with a sore throat and reeking of someone else’s habit.
There have however been a couple of noticeable side effects of the ban…the commuting smokers are no longer distributed around the train station (Marylebone in particular), but are all conglomerated around the entrance, meaning that it’s necessary to walk through a fog of smoke to get in or out of the station and the smokers now take up all the seats in the beer gardens in the summer, leaving no room for anyone else who wants to just sit outside with a pint in the sunshine.

More interestingly though is the effect that it’s had on my kitchen cupboards. The house where I live is on the same road as a pub with an outside area for the smokers, and because of the layout of the pub, this area leads directly onto the road. So what happens now, is that the smokers who are already outside at the end of the evening, simply walk off without going back inside. And often they walk off with their drink in hand, before they’ve finished it.

I’m developing an interesting collection of “rescued” pint glasses, recovered from the middle of the path or perched on top of walls or window ledges. For someone who seems to break glasses more often than typical, this find and seek approach to glasses replacement works quite well for me.


4 thoughts on “Side effects of the smoking ban

  1. There are many unintended problems due to smoking bans. I’ll bet if non-smokers knew that they were paying medicare to provide smoking cessation products they wouldn’t be so quick to jump on the control band wagon.
    They will be paying a lot more in Taxes as smokers stop smoking and non-smokers need to replace the reduced Tax base.
    Think about it. If all smokers stopped smoking, who would replace the Billions they now pay in taxes. How many businesses would have to close their doors. How many thousands of jobs would be lost? Many Cities and States would go belly up before the Taxes could be raised high enough to fill the void.
    And all because of the lies being told about SHS. All because of the hate being generated by those who profit from the lies. Too many lives have been ruined already.

    The Drug/Health agenda is to control our lives for PROFIT. It has nothing to do with our health.

    Hope you are happy with your collection of glasses.

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