Book Wormery

It’s gone a bit Bjork…

…by that I mean:
“It’s, oh, so quiet shh,shh

It’s, oh, so still shh,shh”

Ah well…I have real content planned, I just haven’t got around to writing it yet. In the mean time, and following on from my earlier resolution, these are the books that I have been reading over the last week or two.

  1. Nation (Terry Pratchett)
  2. Crap1 at the Environment (Mark Watson)
  3. Dependance Day (Robert Newman)
  4. One Flew into the Cuckoo’s Egg (Bill Oddie)

To be honest, this is mostly just so that I can keep tracks on them, but comments on what you’ve read/are reading/plan to read are always greatly accepted (by plan for an online book club didn’t really go very far in the email group format that I intended it, maybe it’s just easier to keep it in the blog? hmmmm)

As an aside, I’ve never understood why “crap” is a more acceptable term than “shit”. Any thoughts?[]


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