Watch this now

You have to watch this, it’s Humph:

and don’t forget that a recording of I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue will be shown on TV later today.

These are important programmes! And I will be very upset with anyone who doesn’t watch them.


9 thoughts on “Watch this now

  1. I have every ISIHAC episode on mp3 (or at least I think it’s every one, 368 episodes). You probably have them, but if you don’t email me your address and I’ll burn you a copy.

  2. It was wasn’t it?! I watched Humph’s Last Stand first, which I really enjoyed, but then watched Legends, which was marvellous. But I did have a bit of trouble with the way they kept referring to Humph in the past tense.

  3. I liked the picture of him looking fondly off to the side, presuably at Jeremy Hardy. I might have had something in my eye for a bit at that moment.

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