Wind dried

Sheets fresh off the (new) washing line, showered, pyjamas fresh off the (new
1) washing line, and a house to myself (again). Half past seven isn’t too early for bed is it? Probably.

Instead I’m going to enjoy the cider that I went out and bought when I discovered that I didn’t have the willpower not to, and am going to sit and watch crap TV for the rest of the evening. And possibly do some knitting (I know, it a rock and roll lifestyle over here).

P.S. I’m fairly sure that it should be some form of illegal to have a barbecue and not invite your neighbours.

P.P.S. Rejoice in my favourite headline of the week: “Local riders warned off dangers off rogue riding schools”. The joys of local magazines with no copy editors.

1 Yes, I’m overly excited by the new washing line, but it makes doing the laundry so much easier than trying to balance everything over a small airer and the backs of the dining room chairs. []


4 thoughts on “Wind dried

  1. You have described one of my favourite evenings!!
    Pure indulgence, but of a simple, harmless* kind.

    (*depending on the quantity of cider, obviously)

  2. It was a good evening. I was feeling quite down earlier in the day, and it spun my mood around completely, and so even better.

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