Cat chat

We’re cat sitting for a week (shhhhh…don’t tell the landlord). I’ve found myself talking to the cat when it’s in the room, which I feel is fair enough. However, I’ve also find myself using a stupid voice when I do.

Why is it that we adopt stupid voices when talking to babies and animals? If we don’t expect them to understand us anyway, why do we think we’ll get through to them any better at a higher octave?


3 thoughts on “Cat chat

  1. I have no idea. When I had our baby last year I made an internal vow that I would never talk like that. But I am doing. I’m not sure what’s worse – goo goo goo noises or worrying that his first word is going to be b***cks.

  2. Coming late to this but…

    The reason we talk baby talk to babies is that we naturally lower ourselves to the next language stage the baby has to achieve. So when they are silent we goo goo ga ga, when they goo goo we speak in one word sentences, and so forth.

    Someone once told me that so it must be true.,

    Have no idea about cats though

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