My hair hurts

Well, okay, not actually my hair…but my scalp I guess. It’s a very odd pain, sort of as if I’ve smacked my head against something, which I haven’t done. Or at least, I don’t remember having done. But if I’ve smacked my head hard enough to leave it hurting all day, maybe it was hard enough to cause me to forget having smacked it.

I think if you take the time to deconstruct that sentence, it might even make sense.

Anyway, I’m heading into town tomorrow to enjoy my place in the world as an übergeek. I would however be looking forward to it a lot more if I didn’t have the horror that is the Transport for London rail replacement service to contend with.  I would mind rail replacement so much if I had to deal with it during the week and it made me late for work. That would be a good thing. But no, it will instead insist on eating into those few pressure hours at the weekend which we claim as our own. Ho hum.


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