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Losing my…


I’ve been mooching around the Virginity Project this evening, and thought I would tell my own story. It’s not something that I’ve ever told anyone before.

I was 16, going on 17 (don’t worry, I’m not about to burst into song). He was 17 going on 18, the year above me at school. I’d known him for a little while, and thought he was a bit of a twat, but for various reasons we started spending more time together and I grew to like him, a lot. I can still remember the first time we kissed, the first time I had ever kissed someone like that…it was exciting, but I was nervous, and taken a bit surprised, and didn’t really know how to react. A few weeks later and I was well on the way to having fallen for him properly…truly madly deeply. We were in a hotel with a group of other people, he was sharing with another guy, me with another woman. We woke up early in the morning, so we could spend some time together before everyone else woke up…and I’m ashamed to say that we snuck through into a bathroom, and locked the door. That I lost my virginity on a bathroom floor does sound quite tacky and crap, but at the time it genuinly wasn’t a problem. Even now that doesn’t really bother me.

I fell deeper in love, we were together for 5 and a bit years before he broke up with me. And while I was broken hearted at the time, completely distraught, it was the right time for us to go our separate ways. I will however never forgive him for the fact that he decided to break up with me while I was temporarily living with his mother.

Turns out my initial impression of twatishness was correct.


2 thoughts on “Losing my…

  1. Bathroom floor isn’t so bad at all, sounds like a pretty hot way to lose it!

    I think the super majority of people’s first time is crazy, which makes it that much more unique and special.

    Life’s never a bed of roses, it’s real, like a bathroom floor.

  2. mooninthegutter says:

    The strange thing is that I can’t really remember the sex all that well. I guess that means it wasn’t an “the earth moved for me” type thing, but I guess it wasn’t bloody awful either.

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