Somewhere to drop the vitriol

Things better left unsaid

It’s so very tempting to have a good old bitch about work here at the moment, but it is a wise and trusted rule not to mix blogging and and work, so I’ll leave the bitch session to your imaginations.

Instead I’m going to mope slightly about the quietness at home. Housemate has been back home for about two weeks after an extended absence, and it’s suprising just how quickly I got used to there being someone else in the hosue again. Now that she’s out for the evening the place seems very empty, and quiet and while the evening seems longer (good, because I don’t welcome the arrival of another weekday morning anytime soon), it also feels a lot emptier. You know that you need to find something to fill your life when you consider going to bed at half past nine just because you’re bored.


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