Somewhere to drop the vitriol

Oh for a pizza

The cupboards are practically bare. There’s a bag of soup, three carrots, some quorn and a block of lard in the freezer. Three beetroot, an egg and some grapes past their best in the fridge. (Do grapes keep well in the fridge?)

Tonight we finished off the last of the spaghetti.

While the way we are currently eating is a lot less wasteful, meals being made of all sorts of odds and ends that would previously not have escaped the compost bin, it is extremely depressing to be forced to scrounge for food.  Only two week’s until housemate’s first payday at new job, I can’t wait.  From then on things should get better.

I was at a meeting of industry types yesterday, and post meeting we were presented with wine and cheese. Cheese! And not just crappy cheese, but good quality stuff…lovely brie and stilton, at least two different goats’ cheeses, some smoked deliciousness and a couple of cheeky little french things.  I fell on the  platter like it was the elixir of life, up until that point I hadn’t realised how much I had missed Cheese, and for half an hour I was a very happy person. Good cheese is almost better than sex.

Speaking of which, there’s another thing of which there isn’t enough of in my life at the moment. Money, cheese and sex. Although I’m not sure which order they belong in.


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