Somewhere to drop the vitriol

Getting things off my chest

I finished up the last of the jelly and the last of the cream. Jelly and cream counts as party food, and should make you feel happy, but it hasn’t worked.

I can tell that I’ve been feeling down recently from the fact that my jaw aches. I clench my teeth together when I’m stressed. I don’t even realise that I’m doing it most of the time.  The frequently threatening tears are another giveaway.

A colleague at work left yesterday.  When you’re in a team of three, and one person leaves, it makes quite a big impact…beyond the fact that I really liked working with him. I’ve also spent the last 24 hours wondering whether one of the reasons that I was very sad to see him go, is that I actually liked him. Or maybe I’m just thinking that because he was a nice guy, currently single, and treated me like an interesting person.  Also doesn’t help that long term friend is currently smitten by her new beau, and although I’m not specifically jealous of her, it does seem to highlight my longterm single status and make me feel more lonely.


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