Over at my day job I organised (with the help of my awesome Green Team) a swishing event that we ran last night. There was cake, wine, fairy lights and music to help turn this into a great event.

CakeStuff and beer

For those that don’t know, a Swish is a sort of swap shop. It’s a way to push the first two ‘Rs’ of the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle hierarchy: you get to re-use old (but lovely) stuff, and hopefully this will therefore reduce your need to buy new stuff. Different people & places run swishes in different ways, but our rules were:

  • You must bring at least one quality item.
  • We will set everything out in our ’boutique’
  • There is an initial browsing period for everyone to see what’s available.
  • Then we kick you out of the room for 5 minutes to straighten the room up again.
  • Doors open, count down from 3, massive free for all for everyone to take what they want.

What I learned from the event: there is nothing that will stand between some people and a bargain. For lots of people this was a first time at swishing, but there were a few people that seemed to be dedicated swishers, and they had elbows!


This morning we took everything that was left over off to a charity shop up the road. Most of the unclaimed stuff was still really nice, but just not right for the people there at the time.

What did I get out of it? A couple of necklaces, a book and a hand bag. And some really good ideas for how to make it even better next time.

Global Action Plan Swish

Tick tock body clock

My time with the hadrian’s walkers (http://www.hadrianswalk.org) has exposed me to a lot more parents than I normally come into contact with. And that has got me thinking about children again, in a way that I’ve not thought about for at least 5 years, since before M and I split up.

I’m not in the right place at the moment to chose to have children: work, life, finances and brain are not in the correct order. But I am aware that N is older than me, and if children are ever going to be a part of our lives, realistically it is going to have to be sooner rather than later.

There are also environmental issues going on in my head. It’s my job, I can’t help it. Should I be bringing more people into a planet where population levels are one of the major contentious issues? Or (and this sounds terrible) is it important for people who are aware of the issues to teach a new generation, so the future isn’t predominated by “chavs”?

Adoption is then probably the appropriate answer, opportunities to educate and teach, without increasing numbers. But am I even vaguely mentally strong enough for that? I can only imagine adoption as being much harder.

And yes, to a certain extent this is introspective drivel, and the cider is probably partially to blame. But I would probably be thinking the same things any day, even if I wasn’t willing to voice them.




Doubles, originally uploaded by Clair.

The OB and I took today as an opportunity to go through some of our DVD collections to dig out doubles that can be sold/charity shopped. This is creating lots of lovely extra space on shelves and bookcases that we can fill up with other stuff still in boxes under the bed.

The initial search has been quite successful. However there are more things that we have doules of that I’m finding it difficult to get him to part with…just in case one of the two gets damaged.

There’s a lot of fun to be had living with someone even geekier than me.



I think we’ve finally made it into spring. Standing on the platform this morning, waiting for my train and listening to all the birds singing, and not feeling cold for the first morning in ages, I felt relaxed. But a sort of relaxation where I didn’t actually realise that I wasn’t relaxed before, and it’s definitely the birds and the warmth and the daylight that have made the difference. Hooray for spring.

Updated to add: it’s only bloody raining now isn’t it?



I confess, this is a work based blog post, but some of you may be interested in this…

My lovely little organisation (Global Action Plan) is taking part in the UKAware event in April, for which we have been selected as Charity Partners…very exciting stuff. This is essentially just a quick shout out to let you all know about it, in case you fancy coming along and saying hello! At the very least, if you come along you will get to enjoy:
Global Action Plan - UK Aware ticket

  • Over 50 world-class speakers
  • 200 exhibitors
  • Green machines expo
  • Ultimate clothes swapping party
  • Kids’ interactive area
  • Hot topical debates
  • ‘Make your own’ workshops

More information can be found here: http://www.globalactionplan.org.uk/r/emailers/UK_aware/index.html


Oh look…i have a blog

I’m feeling slightly guilty about my lack of blogging, exacerbated by having just been to a blog meet up and realising that I couldn’t actually remember the last time I posted anything. Whoops.

In my defence, the last two months have mostly been full of packing and unpacking, and my computer only just got reconnected on Sunday. It seems the days are long gone when the computer would have been the last thing packed and the first thing to be reassembled.

Also, I’m really happy at the moment. And I guess I blog best when I’m upset or confused or angry or lonely, and i’m not any of those things at the moment. I’m in a fabulous little house, with a man I love who completely gets me, doing a job that I adore. It’s a bit sickening really.

Ah well, I have a friend’s wedding to attend later in the year that my ex and his partner will be at. That could be interesting and is bound to provide some kind of story fodder!


Duvet Day

I took the wise decision to take a duvet day today.

Duvet days are one of the many things that make current job better than old job. Yesterday evening I was half way between shouting at the OB and being in floods of tears, when the thought of duvet day popped into my head and was immediately jumped on by both of us as being a good idea. I’ve been able to have a lie in, have some alone time, get a few necessary chores out of the way and potter around the house getting some more things unpacked and boxes sorted. Tomorrow when the two of us are working on things again, I will now hopefully have got myself sufficiently under control that I won’t keep throwing my arms up in the air and declaring that there’s too much stuff and I can’t deal with it anymore!

But right now, I’m contemplating cheese on toast and finishing my book. And then maybe starting the next book in the series. And perhaps another bath. Mmmm…

Here’s to lazy days!


Little things that make me smile, part 1

Knee high stripey socks. Other people may not be able to see them, but knowing that I’m wearing them makes me grin.

I’m planning to gradually replace all old socks with stripey ones, part of my effort towards making the world a better place: if I’m happier, I will be nicer to other people etc etc. It’s the whole ‘pass it on’ theory.